Double Dutch Pet Products

Double up. Secure your pup.

Why Double Dutch Pets Products?

Every year, countless dogs are injured, lost (or worse!) when they get off leash during their daily walks.  While there are several different types of leashes on the market today, the one thing that they all have in common is that there is only one clip that attaches to your dog's collar.

Over time, this clip wears and weakens, making the connection less secure and prone to breaking. Regardless of how strong the leash material may be, this tiny, unreliable clip is the only thing that's keeping your dog from getting off leash. is a Double Dutch leash different than a traditional dog leash?

Our leash's patent pending dual-clip system provides an added layer of protection for even the most enthusiastic squirrel chaser. While walking a dog using our product, pressure is shared equally between two clips, instead of relying on just one. This not only reduces the potential for clip breakage, but also provides a built in fail safe in the unlikely event that a clip does fail. 

Our leashes can be attached in several ways:

  • From collar to harness

  • Double clipped to collar

  • Double clipped to harness

What materials do you use for your leashes?

Our leashes utilize a thick nylon material, welded stainless steel clips and locking lobster claw clips for an added layer of security.

What size dogs can use this leash?

Our leashes are great for dogs up to 50lbs. More large breed options coming soon!

Are your products made overseas?

Nope! We work with a high quality manufacturer to assemble our products in New Jersey.

For dog walkers and rescue groups:

As dog lovers you agree that safety is a priority in your business. We'd love to talk with you about how you can use Double Dutch Products to keep your cdogs safe on their daily walks!

Please contact us for more information!